Low Impact

  • Mobility with Hannah #3

    Take your mobility to the next level in this 8-minute full body mobility workout. This session will warm you up ahead of your training session and greatly reduce the risk of injury.
    Main Block - Walk outs, lunge and rotate, downward dog and pigeons, back roll and straddles, seated arm circles, an...

  • Mobility with Hannah #5

    If you work at a computer all day, this easy 7-minute class is for you. You’ll mobilise your neck, shoulders, spine and hips, so you can be more comfortable at your desk. You don’t even need to leave your seat.

  • Mobility with Hannah #4

    Get your day off to a winning start with this 10-minute morning mobility session. Increase your energy levels by doing a mix of knee and back exercises. You can start off in bed if you like, or you can simply begin on the floor.
    Block 1 – hip circles, supine twists and archers
    Block 2 – cobra to ...

  • Mobility with Hannah #2

    Improve your all-round mobility in this 20-minute workout. This session is ideal for those preparing to train their lower body. Let Hannah will guide you through exercises such as, bottom squats and seated swivels, both beneficial in helping you access a full range of motion through the joints an...

  • Mobility with Hannah #1

    Increase your mobility and target your upper body in this 16-minute workout. Open up your lower back, and stretch your arms and shoulders with these carefully selected set of dynamic exercises.

    Block 1 -Shoulder circles, plate arm circles, swan dives, cobras, scapula squeezes, needle and thread...

  • Low Impact

    1 season

  • Mature Movers

    1 season