Gym & Virtual series

Gym & Virtual series

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Gym & Virtual series
  • NuCycle Party with Zahra

    Episode 1

    After 3 short warm-up tracks, you’ll cycle to 5 upbeat tracks, varying in speed, resistance and seat position. The bass is pumping, the lights are pulsing – how hard can you keep your legs working?

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #4

    Episode 2

    Strengthen and tone your upper body and core muscles with some fun and challenging bodyweight exercises in this 30-minute workout.

    Prefer to listen to your own music? Watch the video without music here:

  • SKILL EDGE with Becky #1

    Episode 3

    Feel the burn with this 30-minute running, boxing and conditioning routine. Work on your strength and cardio endurance while honing your skills in 3 blocks of 6-minute workouts. There are exercises for the gym or your home, depending on where you are. Drop skaters and renegade rows kick off round...

  • Introduction to Mindfulness with Sophie

    Episode 4

    Mindfulness allows us to become more aware of our inner and outer worlds, so that we can better manage our responses, regulate our emotions and experience life more fully. Sophie takes you through a 10-minute mindfulness practice, focusing on each of the senses to bring your attention to the pres...