Gym & Virtual series

Gym & Virtual series

6 Seasons

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Gym & Virtual series
  • SKILL EDGE with Rick #3

    Episode 1

    Punch, run and jump your way through this 30-minute workout. Prepare for power hooks and speed straight punches in block 1. Block 2 is all about burpees if you’re at home, or increasing the incline on the running machine if you’re in the gym. You’ll be doing push-ups with pike touches and lateral...

  • Pump! with Nathan #5

    Episode 2

    Join Nathan for this 45-minute Pump! workout. In this longer session, you'll need some light weights, a step and a mat to help strengthen and tone the entire body.

    Don't have a step at home? Don't worry, Nathan will provide alternative exercises throughout.

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #3

    Episode 3

    Join Michaela for a 30-minute HIIT training cycle class. This class has three core blocks with everything from climbs, jumps and sprints to improve cardiovascular strength.

  • Full Body Stretch with Panu

    Episode 4

    Tired, stiff or sore muscles? Try our 25 minute stretch and mobility session. You’ll be performing a range of full body stretches and exercises to help you move better in the gym and everyday life as a whole.