4 Seasons

Michaela is a Wellbeing Personal Trainer, specialising in mobility and joint conditions. Other areas of expertise include yoga, Pilates and emotional wellbeing.

Michaela hails from Surrey and has been with us since 2022. Prior to this she was a Group Exercise Instructor and Instructor Support Coach. She is also training to be a counsellor and helps her local community to prevent food waste as a director of her local Community Fridge company.

Michaela has undergone a 3-year transformation, losing 8 stone in weight and celebrated by entering the Bacchus Half Marathon. Michaela's next sporting event is a 100km stand-up paddleboard race on the River Trent, where all her Pilates and core classes are coming in very handy.

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  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #4

    Episode 1

    Michaela is back with another 30-minute HIIT cycle training session. Through three core blocks of work, Michaela will push you to develop your cardiovascular strength whilst toning the lower body. With awesome backing tracks, push yourself with this thrilling cycle!

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #2

    Episode 2

    Michaela is back with another fantastic 30-minute cycling class to help focus on building and strengthening muscles in the lower body, legs and glutes.

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #3

    Episode 3

    Join Michaela for a 30-minute HIIT training cycle class. This class has three core blocks with everything from climbs, jumps and sprints to improve cardiovascular strength.

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #1

    Episode 4

    Improve your cycling strength and overall cardiovascular health with Michaela in this 30-minute pyramid-style class.