6 Seasons

Panu is one of our Personal Trainers, specialising in HIIT and core classes, as well as a variety of strength training methods and Olympic weightlifting.

Panu is from South East London and has been with us for over 4 years. He trained in boxing, muay thai and functional fitness, and he enjoys competing in fitness competitions and pushing his body to its mental and physical limits.

As such, Panu is in the process of training to become a professional stunt performer.

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  • Full Body Stretch with Panu

    Episode 1

    Tired, stiff or sore muscles? Try our 25 minute stretch and mobility session. You’ll be performing a range of full body stretches and exercises to help you move better in the gym and everyday life as a whole.

  • Runners' Stretch and Mobility with Panu

    Episode 2

    This routine will stretch out all the leg muscles that can get tight due to running, as well as improve your running posture with a stretch for your chest.

  • Stretch and Mobility with Panu #3

    Episode 3

    With stretches and movements inspired by yoga, such cobra, downward-facing dog and lizard pose, you’ll improve the range of motion in your back, spine and hips.

  • Stretch and Mobility with Panu #2

    Episode 4

    This routine incorporates twists, body rolls and forward folds to stretch and mobilise your chest, back, shoulders and wrists, as well as your spine and hips.

  • Stretch and Mobility with Panu #1

    Episode 5

    Panu takes you through a full-body routine to improve your flexibility and mobility, starting with the upper body and working down to the lower body.