Core workout

Core workout

3 Seasons

Get strong abs, obliques and pelvic floor muscles with these core-building classes.

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Core workout
  • Pilates with Olivia #5

    Episode 1

    This 30-minute Pilates class will help you build your mobility and strength. Work on your legs and hips with lunges and abductions, before toning your core and glutes with kickbacks and hip lifts.

  • Core Pilates with Olivia #2

    Episode 2

    Strengthen your core to support the rest of your body with this 30-minute Pilates class. Target your abs, sides and back from all angles with lateral plank walk outs, mermaid obliques and the Pilates 100.

  • Core Pilates with Olivia #1

    Episode 3

    This core workout means business – expect plenty of planks and leg raise variations.