Lunchtime Series

Lunchtime Series

3 Seasons

Get ready to jump into these specially selected lunchtime workouts.
If you’ve been sitting at a desk for long periods during the day then it’s time to enjoy a lunchtime workout to loosen those joints, warm up your muscles, and re-energise.

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Lunchtime Series
  • Chair Workout with Olivia #2

    Episode 1

    Work your whole body from the comfort of your chair with this low-impact seated workout. Olivia takes you through some gentle stretches and mobility exercises to improve your flexibility and slowly raise your heart rate.

  • Chair Yoga with Zoe

    Episode 2

    A 20-minute class to give you all the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your chair. This session is perfect if you’re a bit less mobile or sat at your desk all day.
    You’ll be using meditation, movement and massage to loosen up, stretch out and relax the body. You may wish to use a cushion and...

  • Aerobics with Kelly #1

    Episode 3

    Get ready to grapevine in this 30-minute aerobics and conditioning session. In the first half, Kelly will teach you a fun aerobics routine by breaking it down into short sections that build on the moves from the warm-up. In the second half, after getting the heart pumping, you’ll do a conditionin...

  • HIIT with Tan #1

    Episode 4

    Get your body moving from head to toe as you raise your heart rate with this 30-minute workout. The session is split into 4 blocks, and you’ll do 3 rounds of high-intensity exercises in each block:
    Block 1—10 burpees in 30 seconds
    Block 2 involves tuck jumps, jumping jacks, in and out squats, pla...