8 Episodes

Stephen is one of our Senior Personal Trainers, specialising in small group training and indoor cycling classes. His other areas of expertise include bodyweight training, HIIT workouts, and sport-specific training. He’s passionate about football and almost all sports, including obstacle racing.

Trained in nutrition, as well as freestyle yoga, Stephen graduated with an Exercise Science BSc back in 2001. Since then he’s had range of fitness gigs, from working with a professional football club, to training Kerry Katona – he even filmed a fitness DVD with her!

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  • 5-Minute Beginner Lower Body and Cardio with Stephen

    Episode 1

    Work your legs with this quick and easy cardio blast gym workout, perfect if you only have a few minutes to spare.

    You’ll kick off with jogging on the spot before upping the ante to sprinting on the sport. Then work your way through five different leg-strengthening cardio exercises such as squat...

  • Upper Body and Core with Stephen

    Episode 2

    Work on your upper body and core by beginning on your knees with a series of jabs and rolls, before moving on to press-ups, renegade rows, and cross body climbers.

    Back on your knees, you’ll deliver a combo of hooks and rolls before switching back to press-ups, reach outs and elbow plank toe tap...

  • SKILL EDGE with Stephen #1

    Episode 3

    Run, box and condition your muscles with this 30-minute full-body workout. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, you’ll be getting your heart rate up and working those muscles in 6-minute blocks. Get ready for plank shoulder taps and crunch claps in block 1. In block 2 you’ll be doing some boxing...

  • SKILL EDGE with Stephen #3

    Episode 4

    A 45-minute fitness blast with conditioning, boxing and running techniques. Each of the 3 blocks is 10 minutes long to keep you in that fat-burning zone. Begin with shooters and Russian twists, move on to a boxing combo and burpees and end with jacks and squats.

  • SKILL EDGE with Stephen #2

    Episode 5

    Challenge yourself with a 45-minute running, boxing and conditioning workout. You’ll be doing 3 blocks of 10-minute exercises, pushing your cardio fitness and honing your technique throughout. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, start with running exercises, move onto some plank jacks and jumps...

  • Low-Intensity Core Workout with Stephen

    Episode 6

    Work on your core and lower body with this simple workout made up of 4 rounds of 4 exercises – 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.

  • Core Workout with Stephen #2

    Episode 7

    Rotate through bicycle crunches, plank knee drives, V-sit holds and elbow plank rotations – 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off. You’ll be doing 4 rounds in total, with a nice 1-minute rest in between each.

  • Core Workout with Stephen #1

    Episode 8

    Focussing on the core as well as the lower body, this workout is made up of 5 rounds of 3 exercises – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off.