Lunchtime Series

Lunchtime Series

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Get ready to jump into these specially selected lunchtime workouts.
If you’ve been sitting at a desk for long periods during the day then it’s time to enjoy a lunchtime workout to loosen those joints, warm up your muscles, and re-energise.

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Lunchtime Series
  • HIIT for Beginners with Olivia

    Episode 1

    This HIIT workout is ideal for beginners, or if you just want to take it easy. Our 20-minute class will slowly raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping. Warm up with toe taps, sumo squats. Then start with some simple jumps and floor tap side steps and build up to lunges and slow burpees. ...

  • 5-Minute Cardio with Lizi

    Episode 2

    Get your heart pumping and your whole body moving with sumo burpees, side-to-side squats and forearm plank climbers. You can complete this quick cardio workout on its own in 5 minutes, but you can also use it as a warm-up or finisher for your main workout.

  • Mobility with Zahra

    Episode 3

    This 20-minute class aims to open up any tight areas of your body – something we often neglect. You’ll work through your whole body, paying special attention to the hips. You can do this class on its own, or as a warm-up or cool-down from more vigorous exercise.

  • Anti Desk Yoga with Zoe

    Episode 4

    Reset your posture with this energising yet mindful 30-minute class. Zoe will guide you through movements to counteract desk working – such as locust to strengthen the back of your body, and dragon lunges to open up the hips.

    You’ll need a couple of yoga blocks (or thick, hardback books) and a ...