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Panu is one of our Personal Trainers, specialising in HIIT and core classes, as well as a variety of strength training methods and Olympic weightlifting.

Panu is from South East London and has been with us for over 4 years. He trained in boxing, muay thai and functional fitness, and he enjoys competing in fitness competitions and pushing his body to its mental and physical limits.

As such, Panu is in the process of training to become a professional stunt performer.

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  • Core Workout with Panu #2

    Episode 1

    Work on your abs, obliques and glutes with V-sits, Russian twists and glute bridge holds.

  • Mature Movers' Workout with Panu

    Episode 2

    This low-impact routine is great if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or you have any joint issues at all. You’ll need a chair or something to elevate you for one of the exercises.

  • Kettlebell HIIT with Panu

    Episode 3

    This HIIT session involves a kettlebell, but don't worry if you don't have one as Panu provides some substitute exercises.

  • Low-Impact Full Body Workout with Panu

    Episode 4

    If you’re after a lower intensity session to strengthen your core, as well as your upper and lower body, this one’s for you. Make sure you have a tea towel to hand, or something similar.

  • Core Workout with Panu #1

    Episode 5

    This is a simple but effective session with standing walk outs, glute bridges and plenty of plank variations.

  • Full Body Workout with Panu #1

    Episode 6

    Panu takes you through three supersets: air squats and lunges; chair dips and bent-over rows; and finally hollow-tucks and glute bridges. You’ll need a chair and a tea towel.

  • Lower Body Workout with Panu

    Episode 7

    Get ready for some serious squats, along with some wall sits and balances – you'll need a chair for one of the exercises.

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #1

    Episode 8

    Challenge your upper body muscles with hand-release push-ups, swimmer circles and plank walk-ups.