Lower body workout

Lower body workout

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Leg day? Here are some great workouts to build strength in your quads, hamstrings and calves, as well as your glutes.

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Lower body workout
  • Lower Body Workout with Panu #4

    Episode 1

    In part one you’ll be doing squat jumps and curtsy lunges, part two: glute bridge walk outs and cossacks squats, and for part three you’ll finish with three-quarter side planks on each side – 3 rounds of 10 reps for each exercise.

  • Legs, Bums and Tums with Panu

    Episode 2

    This LBT workout takes you through some different squat and lunge variations before finishing with some glute floor work.

  • Runners' Stretch and Mobility with Olivia

    Episode 3

    Olivia shows how you can avoid common runners’ issues, such as muscle soreness and shin splints, by warming up your muscles before your run and stretching them afterwards. If you have a foam roller, make sure it’s nearby – if not, you can use self-massage instead.

  • Lower Body Pilates with Olivia

    Episode 4

  • Runners' Stretch and Mobility with Panu

    Episode 5

    This routine will stretch out all the leg muscles that can get tight due to running, as well as improve your running posture with a stretch for your chest.

  • Lower Body Workout with Panu #2

    Episode 6

    Panu takes you through a series of squat, glute bridge and lunge variations, ending with some floor work.

  • Lower Body Workout with Panu

    Episode 7

    Get ready for some serious squats, along with some wall sits and balances – you'll need a chair for one of the exercises.