Any intensity

Any intensity

6 Seasons

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Any intensity
  • Upper Body Pilates with Olivia

    Episode 1

  • BalletFit with Olivia

    Episode 2

    Start with some simple ballet exercises and build up to a choreographed sequence as you work on your coordination, balance, flexibility and strength.

  • Lower Body Pilates with Olivia

    Episode 3

  • Pump! with Olivia #2

    Episode 4

    This all-over weight-based workout will strengthen your lower and upper body, as well as your core muscles.

  • Beginners' Workout with Panu

    Episode 5

    Just started on your fitness journey? Here's an easy-to-follow full-body workout.

  • Lower Body Workout with Panu #2

    Episode 6

    Panu takes you through a series of squat, glute bridge and lunge variations, ending with some floor work.

  • FightFit! with Panu

    Episode 7

    Learn how to jab and cross before getting stuck into some boxing combos and conditioning drills.

  • Kids' Workout with Olivia

    Episode 8

    This fun workout will get your kids moving with everything from crab walks and bear crawls, to spotty dogs and bunny hops.

  • Family Fitness with Panu #2

    Episode 9

    Get the whole family involved in some exercise games that will test their memory and spelling, not just their fitness. Then try Panu’s strength challenges to boost their coordination and balancing skills.

  • Full Body Workout with Panu #1

    Episode 10

    Panu takes you through three supersets: air squats and lunges; chair dips and bent-over rows; and finally hollow-tucks and glute bridges. You’ll need a chair and a tea towel.

  • Lower Body Workout with Panu

    Episode 11

    Get ready for some serious squats, along with some wall sits and balances – you'll need a chair for one of the exercises.

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #1

    Episode 12

    Challenge your upper body muscles with hand-release push-ups, swimmer circles and plank walk-ups.

  • Family Fitness with Panu #1

    Episode 13

    Panu leads a couple of games get your kids’ minds and bodies working hard. He then sets some exercise challenges to test their strength, coordination and balance.