• Cycle Workout with Kassim #1

    This 30-minute ride will leave you feeling pumped while improving your strength and endurance.

    You’ll be doing a hardcore mix of seated and standing sprints, jogs and climbs – 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. And you can look forward to a nice long 60-second recovery halfway th...

  • Cycle Workout with Kassim #2

    Get ready to work hard in this challenging 30-minute cycle designed to improve your endurance. You’ll be doing trisets of 30 seconds, so 30 seconds of work back to back 3 times, followed by 30 seconds of rest.

  • Cycle Workout With Zahra #1

    A 30-minute ride to get your heart pumping, your body sweating, and improve your cycling fitness. You’ll be moving through high-intensity peddling, followed by short, active recoveries. Start with some seated and standing climbs, before picking up the pace with some seated road sprints, adding th...

  • Cycle Workout With Zahra #2

    The only way is up with this 30-minute hill-climbing workout to improve strength and endurance. You’ll be tackling two climbs with a short recovery period in between. Start seated, move to standing, and then work on some jumps where you stand for 4 counts and sit for 4.

  • Cycle Workout With Zahra #3

    This 30-minute cycle will raise your heart rate as you work on your speed and endurance. In the first half you’ll start with some periods of hard work by either adding resistance, changing your position or increasing your speed, with some quick recoveries in between. In the second half you’ll mov...

  • Cycle Workout With Zahra #4

    Jumps, seated sprints and standing jog intervals make up this varied 30-minute workout. Zahra will keep you on your toes as you work through a range of different intensities, speeds and riding positions.

  • Cycle Workout with Luke #1

    This high-energy 30-minute cycle class with Luke will take you through some club-classic-inspired tracks to build cardiovascular strength and resilience.

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #4

    Michaela is back with another 30-minute HIIT cycle training session. Through three core blocks of work, Michaela will push you to develop your cardiovascular strength whilst toning the lower body. With awesome backing tracks, push yourself with this thrilling cycle!

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #2

    Michaela is back with another fantastic 30-minute cycling class to help focus on building and strengthening muscles in the lower body, legs and glutes.

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #3

    Join Michaela for a 30-minute HIIT training cycle class. This class has three core blocks with everything from climbs, jumps and sprints to improve cardiovascular strength.

  • Cycle Workout with Michaela #1

    Improve your cycling strength and overall cardiovascular health with Michaela in this 30-minute pyramid-style class.

  • NuCycle Edge with Zahra

    Improve your cycling strength and overall cardiovascular health with 3 climbs, increasing in duration and difficulty. Don’t worry, there’s a recovery in between each climb, so give them all you’ve got.

  • NuCycle Party with Zahra

    After 3 short warm-up tracks, you’ll cycle to 5 upbeat tracks, varying in speed, resistance and seat position. The bass is pumping, the lights are pulsing – how hard can you keep your legs working?