2 Episodes

Sophie is a psychotherapist specialising in CBT, with BSc Hons in Psychology. She has worked in the field of mental health for 6 years, and as a qualified practitioner for 2 years. Sophie spends her spare time cooking and running, and lives by the mantra “do all things with kindness”.

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  • Calm Space Class with Sophie

    Episode 1

    Calm Space is an exercise which uses calming imagery to activate a soothing physiological response within our minds and bodies. It can help you feel calmer or what some people can describe as ‘more grounded’ It is a practical technique that with practice, can be integrated into any routine to ...

  • Introduction to Mindfulness with Sophie

    Episode 2

    Mindfulness offers a way of experiencing our inner and outer worlds differently, so that we can become more aware of our ourselves and our responses to the world around us. Life can be busy, challenging or even overwhelming at times. Often we go through life on ‘autopilot’, simply reacting to the...