9 Episodes

Step your way to fitness with this fun cardio sequence. Leg warmers and leotards optional.

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  • 5-Minute Beginner Lower Body and Cardio with Stephen

    Episode 1

    Work your legs with this quick and easy cardio blast gym workout, perfect if you only have a few minutes to spare.

    You’ll kick off with jogging on the spot before upping the ante to sprinting on the sport. Then work your way through five different leg-strengthening cardio exercises such as squat...

  • Low-Impact Aerobics with Olivia

    Episode 2

    Air guitar at the ready – Olivia takes you through 4 tracks with simple aerobic steps inspired by rock 'n' roll, Charleston and jive.

  • High-Impact Aerobics with Olivia

    Episode 3

    Can-can dance, pendulum swing and pony step as you get your heart rate up with these 4 high-energy tracks.

  • FightFit! with Panu

    Episode 4

    Learn how to jab and cross before getting stuck into some boxing combos and conditioning drills.

  • Cardio Blast with Olivia #1

    Episode 5

    In this high-energy class you’ll learn three simple aerobic sequences with moves such as hamstring curls, knee lifts and grapevines.

  • Cardio Blast with Olivia #2

    Episode 6

    Raise your heart rate and have some fun with these aerobic routines. There are a few jumps in there, but Olivia offers plenty of lower impact variations throughout if you’re struggling.

  • Flat-Friendly Cardio Blast with Olivia

    Episode 7

    Avoid thumping on the floor if you have downstairs neighbours with lots of quick arm movements, such as punches, and leg strength exercises, such as squats.

  • Chair Cardio Workout with Olivia

    Episode 8

    This class will help you gradually build your heart rate without even leaving your seat. You’ll be doing a series of quick arm and leg movements along with a few stretches.

  • Aerobics with Olivia #1

    Episode 9

    Get into the groove with this 25-minute aerobics class. From dougies to disco pushes, you'll learn the steps to 5 tracks inspired by hip-hop, house and dancehall.