Upper body workout

Upper body workout

3 Seasons

These sessions are dedicated to strengthening your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back.

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Upper body workout
  • Upper Body Workout with Lizi

    Episode 1

    Feel the burn in those arms and shoulders with this 30-minute session. You’ll need some dumbbells for some of the exercises, but you can use bottles of water or heavy books instead. In each block you’ll be doing 2 rounds of 2 exercises, followed by 1 round combining those exercises – each round i...

  • Strong Upper Body with Zahra

    Episode 2

    Welcome to the third session in our series of six Young People’s workouts. This session will work all of the muscles in your upper body, getting your heart and lungs pumping at the same time to help you stay fit.

    In this session there’s a short warm up, three sets of exercise, and a cool down a...

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #4

    Episode 3

    Strengthen and tone your upper body and core muscles with some fun and challenging bodyweight exercises in this 30-minute workout.

    Prefer to listen to your own music? Watch the video without music here: https://nuffieldhealth.vhx.tv/videos/upper-body-conditioning-with-panu-no-music

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #3

    Episode 4

    This workout is split into 2 mini circuits, with 3 rounds of 3 exercises – 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off:
    Circuit 1 – yoga push-ups, bent-over rows, abdominal crunches
    Circuit 2 – standing push presses, upright rows, Russian twists.

    Prefer to listen to your own playlist? Watch the video without ...

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu

    Episode 5

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #2

    Episode 6

    This routine involves 3 rounds of 10 reps for each of the 3 supersets: yoga push-up and superman lift-off; plank shoulder tap and swimmer exercise; and side plank rotations on each side.

  • Upper Body Pilates with Olivia

    Episode 7

  • Upper Body Workout with Panu #1

    Episode 8

    Challenge your upper body muscles with hand-release push-ups, swimmer circles and plank walk-ups.