2 Seasons

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  • Prenatal Lower-Body Yoga with Zoë

    Episode 1

    Strengthen and release the lower body, while staying connected to your breath and your baby. This 40-minute class for mums-to-be is suitable for all trimesters. You’ll start with some breathing and pelvic floor engagement, before moving onto some gentle movements. Open your hips with child’s pose...

  • Yin Yoga with Zoë #2

    Episode 2

    Increase your flexibility by holding poses for longer in this calming 30-minute yin yoga class. After some guided breathing on your back, Zoë will take you through a series of yin poses such as butterfly, puppy and fallen buddha. As you surrender to each pose, you’ll find stillness and space in y...

  • Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Zoe

    Episode 3

    Join Zoe for a 30-minute Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. This class allows you to build upon a sequence to build strength.

    Move with breath and intention throughout this practice to gain the maximum benefits.

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  • Meditation and Sound Bath with Zoe

    Episode 4

    Check in, become aware and let go with Zoe's 30-minute Meditation and Sound Bath Class

    Focus yourself for 30-minutes of relaxing meditation and sound bath energy. Use this practice to relax and release, finding love and inner peace.

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  • Fluid Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Zoe

    Episode 5

    Open your hips and heart, while strengthening your back body, in this 30-minute class. Beginning with a seated meditation, you’ll flow through a graceful yoga sequence, connecting each breath with each movement along the way.

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  • Mindful Movement and Meditation with Zoe

    Episode 6

    Slow down, connect to your breath and move mindfully through this 30-minute class. You’ll open up your body with gentle stretches and movements while embracing your emotions, before finishing with a relaxing breathing meditation.

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  • Yin Yoga with Zoë #1

    Episode 7

    Slow down and find release, restoration and calmness with this 30-minute class. You’ll move through yin poses such as dragon, sphinx and seal, holding each one for a couple of minutes to improve your flexibility and reset the nervous system.

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  • Yin Yang Yoga with Zoë

    Episode 8

    In this 30-minute class you’ll harness the dynamic, warming energy of yang with a strong, fast-paced flow, before embodying the calmer, cooler energy of yin with gentler poses held for longer.

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  • Power Yoga with Zoe

    Episode 9

    In this more challenging sequence, you’ll build some heat with Sun Salutations A and B, before trying more advanced poses like crow and headstand, along with some powerful standing poses.

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